'Life' painting series

My 'Life Series' are a visual collection of random images found at the sanctuary. Sometimes just found in my mind prompted by sanctuary life. They don't require the same kind of self-critique, evaluation and process that my other work does. They are spontaneous pieces that show the random imagery and ideas I think about, integrated with the life on our sanctuary.

This painting is a stream of thought put into images. It is playful, colorful and reflects the texture of living here. It allows me to stream over into the abstract a bit without having to ask myself 'is this working?' but instead, to narrate through color and imagery, what words cannot convey.

'Life' series are pieces that I create for pure enjoyment and expression. So many of the animals come to us with sad stories. In a way, these paintings represent their ability to live out peaceful and natural lives. While the colors may be intense and hot, those are chosen for the level of activity and sometimes stress associated with running a sanctuary. The warm, intense colors give an added zest of life to the painting.

The little person in the lower right hand corner is expressing a bit of frustration felt when we are trying to get horses back to where they are suppose to be, or being chased by Godzilla, an aggressive rooster, or trying to figure out how the goats managed to get into a stack of hay.

This painting shows tiny scenes of what I see and feel and imagine. I see our Yorkshire pigs wallowing in the mud, the ducks paddling in the pond, the bunnies doing binkies, the deer in the field, the goats showing up throughout the painting and the sprinkling of little wild flowers appearing. While helping animals and running a sanctuary is deeply rewarding, it is not without challenges.

This painting connects my thoughts and heart. Animals and Art are interconnected for me. Through art I listen, express, reach out and reach in. Art helps me communicate emotions, ideas and things I don't have words for. My feelings, ideas, and hopes for animals, especially those who suffer in this world, are expressed through visual means.

My hope is that it will somehow help these animals by opening hearts, minds and impacting change. People are drawn to these paintings for the whimsy, detail, texture and color. The images are almost like a treasure hunt, finding little stories within the bigger picture. I hope that people will embrace these stories as a little memento of compassion and empathy. Perhaps they will find a small piece to call their own. Maybe a little heart song.