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My last blog described the beginning years of River's Wish with photographs of the little house, burned barn and green metal building. These were the only buildings on the property and they needed a considerable amount of work. The property had been a rental for the previous 15 years.  I wanted to show how things have progressed over the years to what River's Wish looks like today.

In January of 1993 we moved in and over time we have directed our efforts to make this place work for the good of animals.  We found ourselves working on a dream that we never even knew we had, until we saw the need. The need is that of animals who have been forgotten, abused or have no place to go. Helping animals and giving them shelter, care, comfort and voice, has been the driving force behind each of these improvements. We now have a solid core group of volunteers and helpers who nurture the animals and care for their home at River's Wish.

From green metal shed to the Rabbit House, made by Pete in 1996.

The interior of the Rabbit House with pens that have indoor/outdoor access. Air conditioning for hot summer days and heat for the winter. All rabbits are spayed and neutered. We are a sister organization to the House Rabbit Society.

Indoor outdoor access for bunnies in the Rabbit House

West side of the Rabbit House. Predator proof yard. In 2005 we dug four feet down in an area that is 40 x 50 and we laid rolls of chain link and attached them horizontally. We covered it back up with dirt and the rabbits have created amazing burrows. The overhead netting is up year round and prevents raptors from entering the yard. 

This was once the burned barn that the realtor suggested we tear down.
From burned out barn to finished shop. 1993

The small building in the background is the Cat Cottage with an outdoor porch, grassy area and sunporch. The tall building is the Rabbit House.

Front view of the Cat Cottage

Inside of the Cat Cottage

Chicken and bird house 2008. The entire area between what was the green metal shed and burned barn (presently the Rabbit House and Pete's shop) was filled with weeds and old sheets of plaster. It now has a  pond for the birds, a bird house, Spruce, Aspen and Birch trees and boulders.

Pond we built in 1997

View from the south of the hay and horse barn where we hold our annual 'Art For the Animals: A Starry Night Celebration at River's Wish'.

Another view of the big horse and hay barn. First stalls were built by Pete in 1995 and was added onto in 2005.

View of more shelters for the animals.

View of the Rabbit House, Cat Cottage and a cute little goat house in the foreground.

Jesse and Wrangler, two senior horses, Oliver, a senior goat. View facing north along the driveway past the goats, toward the house. 

Super tough and sturdy shelter for the Yorkshire pigs, Vegan and Valentine, built by Hobie in 2015.
Photo is of Hobie and the girls.

Sturdy and wonderful horse shelter made by Hobie 2014.

More horse shelters. One can never have enough shelters.

Sturdy horse shelter made by Hobie in 2013, following a large seizure we helped local animal protection with.

Dilapidated loafing shed turned into a 'bunk house' which serves as a meeting room and a guest room for visitors in 2008.

Horses in one of the pastures.

Horses kicking up their heels on the 20 acres we purchased next to the original property. 
Since we've no time to go anywhere else we considered it 'recreational property'. 
It is recreational property for the animals.


  1. Perfect environment for creatures of all sizes and shapes! Love your ranch!

    1. Thank you Janell. It's never ending, as you know.

  2. When is your auction? I might have some pieces to donate.

    1. Margaret, our big annual fundraiser is on July 9th of 2016. Thank you!


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