Miss Piggy

We said goodbye to Miss Piggy today as she crossed the bridge this afternoon with the gentle assistance of our veterinarian Dr. Randy Scott. In the few short years that Miss Piggy lived at River's Wish she touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, who have visited.

We brought Miss Piggy to her new home at River's Wish on Mother's Day 2014. Miss Piggy had been abandoned inside of a house where she was left for over a week with eight ducks and chickens, four cats, several rats and an aquarium of fish. With horse trailer in tow we met Officer Laura from SCRAPS at the house. It took several hours of creative maneuvering to get Miss Piggy loaded onto the trailer. While trying to load her a little girl came by and I asked her if she knew the name of this pig. She told us "Miss Piggy".

Miss Piggy came home with me and found a cool patch of grass to dig in. She loved attention and took long walks, frequenting our neighbor's house. Her funny crooked smile charmed everyone.

Miss Piggy was having greater difficulty getting around. Her quality of life had become increasingly poor. We consulted with our veterinarian and we agreed that the kindest thing to do would be to humanely euthanize her and send her on to greet Delilah, Bryce, Cisco and all of her beloved friends.

Bless you Dr. Scott for the years of veterinary service you have provided River's Wish and so many other clients. We wish you the very best in your well deserved retirement and we thank you for the knowledge and kindness you have shown our animals, including Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy touches my soul in a deep way sharing stories of the billions of pigs she represents. I grieve for Miss Piggy and our loss of her but she speaks for those who never had a kind word or touch. She speaks for those who suffer behind the walls of factories where pigs are treated like machines and their screams go unheard. She speaks for those who are experimented upon, exploited in entertainment and deeply misunderstood. She speaks for those whose very name is misused to cause shame and insult. She speaks for those who were born into this world only to be destroyed. She speaks for those who are at the mercy of humans. She speaks for those whose lives we must never forget or block out. She speaks for those who want only to live in the sun, eat apples and roll in the mud. She speaks for those who are given a second chance. She speaks for those whose voices go unheard. She speaks. I hear her. I hear them. I will not close my eyes or cover my ears.