March Successes and Heartbreaks

March was a very busy month for rescue. March has been rewarding, joyful and heartbreaking. There's been little time to write or immerse in any kind of creativity.

In early March Pete and I, along with our volunteer Rhiannon, rescued 34 guinea pigs and 11 rabbits from horrid conditions. We removed them from deplorable conditions inside of a Spokane home and brought them to River's Wish. We were able to place the majority of them with six other rescues and in doing so offer these precious animals a new lease on life. 

We also took in two beautiful Black Bellied Sheep, one who was severely injured. We named her Maizey. Maizey had to have her leg amputated but she is healing so well. Maizey has become friends with the bunnies in the rabbit house.

Maizey and her partner Mica are being adopted by our friend Rhonda-T. She will be in a home where she will receive love and attention and the patience that she needs.

River's Wish partnered with another rescue, Rescue 4 All, and saved a beautiful mare from slaughter. Ari is in quarantine at River's Wish. We will learn if she is pregnant very soon. Eventually she will be adopted to a loving home. Yes, they ship pregnant mares to slaughter. But not this one. I wish we could save them all. It is heartbreaking and a helpless feeling. I'm grateful we could save this mare.

We also saved a mom and baby donkey from a kill pen in Texas. Rosa and Joaquin are also in quarantine. They too will be adopted into a new home, together. We received $500 from Lavender Dream Farms and Donkey Rescue to save this precious pair. Rosa and Joaquin are between the size of a miniature donkey and a standard size. They are unbelievably adorable.

March brought a tremendous loss as well. Our senior donkey Bryce had to be hospitalized for a week and we were so hopeful when he came home. But within days Bryce began to decline to where his quality of life was no longer. We had our veterinarian come to the farm where Bryce was surrounded by the support and love of so many who had cared for him over the years. Bryce took pieces of our hearts. We miss him so much.