Yellow Dog

Dog Lying in the Snow by Franz Marc

Yellow Dog

Yellow dog
lying so contently
so peacefully
resting chin on forepaw
back curving around.

I love you yellow dog.
You are my Charlie,
My River
My Cisco
and every yellow dog I have known.
You are my Toby
My Willow
My Buster and Blackberry.
You are every dog of every color I have known.
You are every dog I have never known.

Your graceful body resting upon the light surface.
You lay on the snow and I hope it is for just
a minute or two. 
Yellow dogs, black dogs, every dog
should be laying someplace warm
when it is cold outside.

I worry about you yellow dog
and wonder if you are abandoned or neglected.
Why would you be laying on the snow if not?

The shades of green surrounding you in the background
offer some promise for spring.  Could you be dreaming
of the spring? 

The rocks that jet out from the snow look like pillows,
Lets place your pillow upon the floor in front of the fire.

Yellow dog, I love you.



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