Sanctuary Full Circle

My friend is finding peace while living at the sanctuary. She is the two legged human kind of friend. She is going through big transitions in her life.
Upon entering the gate she said that she felt a huge weight lift off of her shoulders. She said that her mind went from deep anxiety and fear to a place of peace in her heart all because of the sanctuary.
No matter where we are it is easy to be in fear and anxiety. Hearing my friend describe the peace she feels at the sanctuary gives me deeper gratitude for living here.
Right now I am sitting on the edge of the porch my laptop on my knees. Alice and Little Pig are eating grass and weeds side by side. They've put on a lot of weight. They have an entire yard to graze in, but they choose side by side and then Alice nips Little Pig. They go back to eating.
I look across the driveway and see my friend Joanie working in the cat cottage. She works hard to make life good for the cats. She finds purpose and peace with her cats.
Off to my left, facing east, I see the beautiful monitor style barn that I dreamed of. The barn is home to our annual benefit, Art For the Animals: A Starry Night Celebration at River's Wish. When that is over it becomes the shelter for hay and horses. Sometimes goats. I am grateful for the shelter it provides.
To the south I see Addy getting up and walking to one of the goat shelters. Addy is a Boer goat who is in her senior years. She is thin. She has cancer. Still, she runs and plays and eats. She is happy.
The sound of the wind blowing through the trees is peaceful. It can be frightening when it means a storm is coming. Right now it is peaceful and the weather is not too hot.
Sanctuary works both ways. It works full circle.
Vegan and Valentine, our Yorkshire girls, are laying near their new shelter, the 'Yorkshire Inn'. Vegan came from a cruelty seizure, Valentine came as a stray who was on the highway near Moses Lake. Today, enjoying the mud, the clouds, the wind, they are home. They came to River's Wish for sanctuary. Somehow they give me refuge with just the thought of them. When I look at them I feel sanctuary.
Days like these, when I have a window of time to rest and reflect, I breath in the sanctuary these beautiful animals give the humans who they meet. I am grateful.


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  2. Kit, after just having now discovered River Wish online, and basking in the essence of your sanctuary, and taking in the joy of your art, I see your sanctuary as a hologram of your art on canvass...not sure if my words make sense, but you know what I

    Naturally, I felt compelled to fill out your volunteer request form in hopes that you will let me be of service.

    I am deeply grateful for who you are. Thank you!


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