Love Connection Between Art and Animals

Animals and Art are interconnected for me. Through Art I listen, express, reach out and reach in. Art helps me communicate emotions, ideas and things I don't have words for. My feelings, ideas, and hopes for animals, especially those who suffer in this world, are expressed through visual means. My hope is that it will somehow help these animals by opening hearts, minds and impact change.

My first oil painting was that of a fox. I was 10 years old and received a set of oil paints for my birthday. I remember vividly, painting the image of a fox from the cover of a magazine. My mom said that I could draw and paint for hours from the time I was very small. She told me that she envied my ability to entertain myself and become so focused. That focus is so often scattered now, with teaching, caring for the animals and running a nonprofit. The simplicity and adventure of life as a ten year old girl is often what draws me toward my easel.

I am working on a series called 'Life'. These oil paintings are whimsical narratives from the farm and my imagination. They are fun and bright pieces expressing the life we share with the animals. These animals are beautiful, authentic beings expressing raw and pure honesty. They are unencumbered by foolishness. They are much like the ten year old I remember. The ten year old in all of us.



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