On July 20, 2013 a skinny little colt was rescued in a seizure by our local animal protection agency. He, along with four other foals and their dams were brought to River's Wish to be fostered, regain strength and health. This was the only colt and he earned the name Moose, as he looked like a baby moose. Our friend Nicole, named him Moose.

All of the mares and foals were adopted. All but Moose. What was it about this quiet boy that people did not see? As Moose grew and filled out his baby looks began to give way to a beautiful boy. 

We sent Moose to training with our friend Mary, where he kindly referred to as Adam. Mary named him after a very handsome man. Adam learned to trailer and ground manners. On July 4th, a neighbor of Mary's, blew up loud, huge, explosive and illegal fireworks. This terrified Adam and he ran through the fence, sustaining injury. Mary loaded the yearling into the trailer that night and drove him in for an emergency veterinary appointment. His chest was lacerated. The vet cleaned the wounds and stitched him up. A few weeks later at the end of Adam's training session we brought him home. 

Shortly after coming home we noticed a spot on his front right leg where a wound was suggesting that something was trying to emerge. We had our veterinarian pay a farm visit and upon exam he told us to bring the boy up to the clinic for an x-ray, because he suspected a sequestrum, which is a piece of dead bone that has separated. The x-ray did show that a fragment of bone was broken, so our vet performed surgery. Based on a number of things, our vet confirms that this injury is a result of the boy running through the fence, in his terror of the illegal fireworks. The yearling, Adam Moose, came home on was put on stall rest. His body will be fine. How this has scarred him in psychological or emotional terms, is yet to be seen. 

And so today I make this pledge to Adam Moose. Your name is no longer Moose, as you are growing into a beautiful, elegant gelding. Your name is not Adam, because you are more powerful and beautiful than surface looks. Your name is Zeus and this is why. So first of all, it rhymes with Moose and that may confuse you and us less. But you are powerful and significant and a survivor like Zeus. Zeus ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus. He is the god of sky and thunder. He is the king of the gods. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull and oak. Zeus's mother Rhea, hid him in a cave so he would not be destroyed by his father. Some say he was raised by Gaia, the mother of all.

You, little Zeus, were brought here to find refuge, as Zeus the god was protected as a baby too. You are being raised by a collective group of mostly women, and Pete Jagoda, just like the god Zeus was raised by Gaia. You will survive and flourish in spite of the harm people have posed to you. You will defeat the sounds and lights that sent you through a fence, damaging your body, and just like the god Zeus, you will hold the symbol of the thunderbolt, which will be symbolic of your strength against the injury of the fireworks.

I pledge to you Zeus that you will be loved, cared for and trained to further enhance the magnificence that you already are. You will live at River's Wish while you receive training and until I find a suitable home for you. A home that will keep you forever, that will provide you with the love and attention, honor and respect that you so deserve. Your home will not be far away. Your home will be with a very horse savvy environment. I will be highly selective, for you deserve only the very, very best. Your home will forever be in all of our hearts and you, you Zeus, will find your very own special person when the time is right. My pledge to you. ♥