Willow, My Winter Wolf

My winter wolf came to me
In the torrid heat
One summer day.
She and her Toby and her Puff
Drove through the searing hot desert
Next to me
On the bench seat
In a U-Haul.
Nearly destroyed at a high kill shelter
The three traveled to refuge.
I joined them.

Willow blended with sage and blue in the sofa.
We tried to place her in a home of her own
But she wanted to be back in our care.

Willow, we met you when you were five. 
In eleven years of sharing your life 
Love is what you wished for 
Longing for companionship 
Willow we miss you. 

Willow, my girl at the ocean.
You were complex and you were loved
By so many. You looked deep into our souls.
You lived a long life, my sweet Willow
And you have gone home now. 

I will take some of your ashes to the Pacific.
Although, you are already there, it is for me.
We miss you. You are forever in our hearts.

1997 - 2012