Little Milagra, a Christmas Miracle

It was December 26, 2012, when a little goat's life was saved.  At a time when most families are relaxing and enjoying Christmas season, a pair of goats were born out in the frigid weather. The small, black female lay in the snow, nearly frozen. The babies, mom and another pregnant goat were rescued by an Animal Protection Officer who rushed them to Ponti's Vet Clinic. Things were touch and go for the little girl. The staff at the clinic warmed her up, gave her the necessary medical treatment, along with a lot of hope. 

The little girl was not nursing so a vet tech took her home; bottle fed her and kept her warm. The next day they were able to get the little girl to latch onto her mom. She has had a very challenging start, but she is a fighter and is now literally bouncing back! 

We named her Milagra, because she is a little miracle, thanks to her spirit and some great people! Her brother was named Prancer, for he looks like a little deer. Their mom's name is Joy, as she is a good mom and is so joyful to have her two kids nearby.

The pregnant goat had to have a cesarean, but her baby did not survive. She is a small and young goat and recovered nicely. We named her Noel, as she is beginning her new life so close to Christmas.

We decided to keep this family together. The four had been through a lot together and their bond was obvious. They were inseparable. Three years later, it is still amazing to watch Milagra and to think that she was on the verge of death at the very beginning of her life. She and her brother are frisky and playful. Mom and auntie are more reserved. We are grateful for all who made all the difference in the lives of this special family.

Merry Christmas from all of us at River's Wish to you! On this winter's day our wish is for peace on earth for all beings.