Thankful For Our Young Volunteers

With so much turmoil in the world it can feel as though there is no hope.
This blog is about young people, who under the age of eighteen, have worked hard for River's Wish, giving us all so much hope.

Over the years we have had several remarkable young people help at River’s Wish.  Jessica and Tim began helping with the rabbit house when they were ten years old in 1996.  Fast forward 19 years and Jessica received her veterinarian degree from WSU in 2013. Tim is a wonderful plumber and is full of generosity. He continues to help at River's Wish from time to time. Tim and Jessica are both making a positive impact for society.

Sarah helped at River's Wish for a year. She is a hard worker, persevering, focused and passionate. She is now a volunteer fire fighter in addition to her regular work. She is pretty awesome and inspirational.

Another amazing young person is Emma who helped in the rabbit house for two years.  In addition to being smart and funny, I find her personal drive and motivation to be remarkable. Since her years at River's Wish Emma has seen more of the world then most ever will. She is currently a student at Gonzaga University pursuing a degree in engineering so that she will be able to help others in developing countries.

Alex volunteered at River's Wish for about seven years. She is in her first year at Western Washington University now. She is articulate, hardworking and fun. In addition to working at the sanctuary she also helped student refugees and participated in other nonprofit endeavors.

Ava is a very creative and gifted young woman who volunteers every week with her Mom, Jaime. Ava amazes me with her intuitive sense and connection with the animals. She is artistically gifted in photography, painting, drawing and writing. Ava has created art for our annual summer benefit.

Cassy volunteered at River's Wish for a year prior to moving to attend Western Washington University. She was a leader of a service club at her high school and put forth a lot of energy at River's Wish. She is also a star who will continue to shine and do so much good for the world.

Justin has been helping us for about four years now. Justin is such a dedicated young man and is so supportive of River's Wish. He is resourceful, dedicated and very hard working. He is in high school and in the Running Start program. Justin is a gem!

Conner is a more recent volunteer. He is a former student of mine from many years ago. Conner has drive and ambition and is pursuing a degree in organic agriculture, Spanish and wants to join the Peace Corps. He works at Allie's Vegan Pizzeria and is a Spanish tutor. When he was in elementary school he made a ceramic bowl for his cat, in my art class. It's so great to reconnect with a student from the past.

Rhiannon has been volunteering for several months now. Rhiannon is in the 11th grade and hopes to become a veterinarian. She is enthusiastic about helping animals. We love having her at River's Wish. She helps me in the rabbit house and helps Heather, our volunteer coordinator, with other jobs.

Oliver volunteers in the rabbit house one weekend a month and has been helped at events. He has also created beautiful art for our summer benefit. A bright and sensitive young person, Oliver, like many, appreciate the gentle nature of the animals at River's Wish. Still in high school, we hope to have Oliver's help for several more years.

Over the years many young people have helped at River's Wish. We want to thank Ben, Serafina, Dakota, Ella, Bonnie Jean, Selena and others who have helped at River's Wish.

Thank you to each of you and to all the young people who volunteer and help others!



Shaun & Sarah