Claire, My Wild Waif

I met Claire in the Fall of 2008. Her name was Heather at the time. The instant I looked into her eyes I was in love. Claire had been living on a 6 foot chain for the previous 4 years. She had had several litters of puppies. She had been part of a large group of dogs, many of whom were wolf hybrids, who were being bred and living on chains, north of Spokane.

Hope Dodge contacted me about these dogs who were living in her neighborhood near Loon Lake. Ultimately, Hope was able to get the dogs moved to her property and from there we helped her get the dogs placed into hybrid rescues. Those who were not wolf hybrids were placed into other rescues, or adopted.

Claire came home with me.

For the first several months Claire would hide in the yard. She would not let us come near her. She was extremely shy and somewhat feral. In fact, we had to trick her to bring her into the house. This went on for months, until gradually she would let me get a little bit closer and a little closer bit by bit.

It's been seven years since I brought Claire into my life and she now invites me into her life with great enthusiasm. In the evening she curls up next to me and she nudges my arm. She wants to be wrapped up in a complete and warm embrace. 

I love this little wild waif so much and am so glad that I listened to my heart when bringing her home.

The dogs who came from this rescue have Hope Dodge to thank. Sadly, Hope passed away a few years ago. I'm sure that she is watching over those whom she saved. Thank you Hope, for saving our Claire and so many others. You gave us all hope.